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Human Resources Customer Relationship Management

We are currently collecting data from our clients to help provide solutions across more than one sector.

This information, while creating no commitment on your part, will enable Q4 Recruitment Consultancy to build a business relationship with you.

Human Resources Customer Relationship Management (HrCRM) allows Q4 Recruitment Consultancy to provide clients with a recruitment solution that is not only free of charge, but will also improve client processes with minimal disturbance and improve client cost bases.

Q4 has a wide breadth of experience having worked on many different campaigns for a number of years, serving different-sized businesses in many sectors. Our experience allows us a birds eye view of the trends in the market so we can continue to add value for our clients.

To begin this Q4 consulting process, please fill in the following information. We will contact you after the information has been analysed.

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How much time do you apportion to recruitment per week?
What was your recruitment budget for the following years?


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