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Client Feedback

" In my time with Accenture, I have worked with
Q4 Recruitment Consultancy Ltd, they have always shown an empathetic approach to my needs and those of Accenture. They have focused on bringing small numbers of high quality candidates to my attention, and have proven to add value. Based on this experience I believe that they could provide you with a similar outcome. ”

Andrew Cleminson
Accenture Partner


" We never bite the hand that feeds us "

Q4 Recruitment Consultancy's philosophy on fees reflects our commitment to objectivity and to working with clients best interests in mind. Our fees are competitive within the marketplace and reflect the level of responsibility, anticipated degree of complexity and amount of consultant input and resources required.

Each assignment is agreed in writing beforehand, including the approximate timescale. Our letter of confirmation contains all fee details, so that our clients knows in advance exactly how much to budget for the completion of the assignment.

On retained projects, an initial retainer fee is required. There will then be a working fee, to be charged over an agreed period of time, and a final payment on completion.

On other projects, such as Exclusive Contingency, we work on a basis of percentages and have a minimum fee. We also agree with the client the anticipated level of variable expenses, and advertising is charged at agency cost.

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