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Our Candidates

“ Q4 Recruitment has showed me a great deal of dedication and commitment, which I have never before experienced. Their level of professionalism was extremely impressive and I would absolutely recommend them to any job hunters who are looking for an opportunity to progress their career. ”

Mark Needle
VP Global Services

CV Tips

" Sell yourself "

Your CV is a powerful sales tool and should be designed to make prospective employers sit up and listen to your pitch. It should be full of confidence, and packed with relevant experience, preferably specific to the job you are going for.

Make the layout as simple as possible.

Keep it concise – ideally no more than two pages long.

Make the tone very positive - emphasising any achievements, preferably with hard-hitting figures to back up any savings or profit gains you made in previous companies.

Use short sentences and bullet-points. You can always expand on these at the interview.

Make sure you can back up all factual statistical information in your CV.

Start with your most recent job and work back chronologically.

Account for gaps. Traveling or taking a few months off is fine - you don't need to hide or ignore it.

Don't use humour - what you find funny might not appeal to a potential employer.

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