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Q4 Set to open New Office in ( North London )
02/03/2010 05:50 AM

Q4 will be opening a New Office in North London, Palmers Green due to the continued sucess and new IT contract signed for 2010.
Record Quarter Revenues for Q4 in Q4
07/10/2009 05:14 AM

Q4 has yet another record quarter in a downturn market place. Improving on last quarters revenues by 39% and 26% up on hires.
Dubai growth 2009
11/05/2009 12:19 PM

The Dubai due to increase head count by 32% in 2009.
Q4 Senior Appointment
25/02/2009 08:42 AM

Adonye Orumbie has been brought into Q4 as an Associate Director responsible for heading up all Technical and Functional ERP/CRM solutions across EMEA.
Who's Whos 2009 (Britain Business Elite)
02/12/2008 09:11 AM

Q4 Recruitment is selected for a second year running for remaining in the top 2% of businesses within the uk.
Q4 in discussions to purchase idsites
17/09/2008 19:47 PM

Q4 looking to venture into web technology services buying idsites for 2.7 Million GBP Final sale due to close by November 3rd.
Q4 Launches New Executive Job
17/09/2008 09:02 AM

Q4 launches new Executive Job Board, engineered by Idsites.com
Q4 Sign PSL with Microstrategy
17/09/2008 08:59 AM

Contract has been put in place to deliver Senior Sales Executives.
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